Bluegrass Debate Staff



Katie Humphries

Katie Humphries joined Speech and Debate as the first-ever LD debater at her school, Liberty High School. Upon graduation, Katie continued to coach for her alma mater and compete in college at the University of Akron, where she received her B.S. in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Throughout her career, she participated in nearly a dozen events and accumulated many accolades on a state and national level, including winning state champion titles and coaching students to the same success. In 2019, she co-founded Triumph Debate to expand access to free learning resources in debate. Currently, Katie is the Public Forum Debate coach at the University of Kentucky and works to expand the UK Digital Speech and Debate Initiative (DSDI) through assisting with the Bluegrass Debate Coalition (BDC) and the Collegiate Public Forum Debate League (CPFL).