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Founded in 2020, the Bluegrass Debate Coalition (BDC) is a community outreach program initiated by the University of Kentucky's award-winning Intercollegiate debate program hosted by the College of Communication and Information. The BDC strives to make competitive debate available to every elementary, middle school and high school student in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Research indicated that participation in debate has shown an increase in academic performance, empowering students' voices, and expands pathways for success, which includes greater acceptance into college. The BDC provides after-school debate classes, hosts competitive debate events, and works with schools and school districts in our communities to build up new and existing debate programs. To make a donation now, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How will my donation be used?
A: Donations for the Bluegrass Debate Coalition are directly used to support programming services, including ASL learning classes, workshops, summer camp and more.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?
A: Yes, donations made to the Bluegrass Debate Coalition are tax deductible.

Q: I don't have much money. Can I still help?
A: Absolutely - even a donation of $5 can help a student. The Bluegrass Debate Coalition also appreciated all volunteers, which you can learn more about here!

Q: Can I make a donation via check?
A: Yes, you may issue a check as a donation to the Bluegrass Debate Coalition with the following address:

Bluegrass Debate Coalition
145 Graham Avenue, Room 225
Lexington, KY 40508

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145 Graham Avenue, Room 225
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