Bluegrass Debate Coalition Expands Support for Debate Education

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Bluegrass Debate Coalition Expands Support for Debate Education

Lexington, KY – In 2020, the University of Kentucky Intercollegiate Debate Team, one of the most successful collegiate debate teams in the country, launched a new program called the Bluegrass Debate Coalition. The BDC initiative connects schools and other organizations with outstanding debate professionals and learning resources to increase the thinking ability and self-confidence of Kentucky’s young people.

The BDC has successfully partnered with numerous schools and organizations throughout Kentucky, helping young people develop better thinking skills and habits, along with increasing the power of their voice so they can be better heard and more respected. Promoting critical thinking, public speaking, and respectful engagement has become a win-win relationship; giving schools what they want for their students and giving students the skills they need for a successful future.

Debate education increases student academic performance; expands college and career opportunities and provides essential skills for young people to thrive as active, responsible leaders in their communities. The BDC offers free after school classes for Kentucky’s elementary, middle school, and high school students of all levels of experience. Courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students and are supported with free online resources such as study guides, research packets, and supplemental videos.

In addition to training students, the Bluegrass Debate Coalition will also help organize debate clubs, to encourage students to work together and have fun with their classmates and give them an opportunity to compete against students of similar age and experience from other schools if they wish. The BDC will even create meaningful contests to help keep students engaged in the activity.

Parents or students can register for the free after-school debate classes by clicking here. A parent permission form must be signed prior to students attending their class. These classes are highly focused on skill-building activities and are taught in a way to maximize enjoyment; we want the students to have fun while they’re learning!

The BDC needs more students to participate, and additional volunteers to help us expand our reach. To learn more about the Bluegrass Debate Coalition and how you can get involved, please visit

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