"All Hallows Eve"
Elementary Event

October 29, 2021

4 pm to 7 pm (Eastern)

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About The Event

As part of the After School Learning Program, the Bluegrass Debate Coalition frequently hosts speech and debate events, mostly online, sometimes in-person, to further debate education for our students. The "All Hallows Eve" event (using Zoom) is designed to be a fun  way for elementary students to experience a speaking and debating contest in a low-stress, low-anxiety environment. We are offering this to the elementary students who are currently enrolled in our after-school classes. There is no cost to attend!

Topic: On-balance, robots are desirable (con = undesirable).

This event will have prizes! Trophies (medallions) for the top debate teams and the top speakers. Additionally, for those willing to dress up, we will give prizes to the top-voted costumes (special judges will be appointed). There will also be "door prizes" (similar to a raffle) for anyone who attends - competitors, guests, and judges!

Debate partnerships will be handled in one of two ways... for those who have a partner in mind, they can choose to debate together as a team (teams of two). For those who do not have a partner, one will be assigned to them; a debater with similar experience, grade, and skill.

Ballots for Judges (Pls don't make any 'fake' or 'test' ballots - tyvm!):
Elementary Debate: https://bluegrassdebate.org/ballot-elementary-debate/
Crossfire Contest: https://bluegrassdebate.org/ballot-crossfire-debates/
Costume Contest: https://bluegrassdebate.org/ballot-costume-contest/

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