HOMEWORK (Middle School): Legalizing Illicit Drugs

Resolved: The United States should legalize all illicit drugs.
Homework Due (January 10-14th): Week 1
  1. Research: Please do the required research for the Legalizing Illicit Drugs topic: CLICK HERE.
  2. Writing: Please create a simple T-chart (4-5 for each side; pro and con). Sample: CLICK HERE.
  3. Speaking: Please practice speaking your facts and ideas to improve your fluency and to prepare for our discussion.

    BDC Shared Folder: CLICK HERE.
    BDC Evidence Packet: CLICK HERE.
    BDC Expert Lecture (45+ minutes): CLICK HERE.

    [OPTIONAL] Feeling Anxious??: Amy Cuddy teaches us how to change our posture and reduce our stress!
    Amy Cuddy Video: CLICK HERE.
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